Research Focus

The group’s research focuses on data-driven precision rehabilitation and robotics technology for both biomedical and industrial applications, which include surgery, cell micromanipulation, rehabilitation and assistive technology. 


Ability Data

Precision Rehabilitation

Assisted Ability

The Ability Data aims to create the world’s largest database of physical ability of  people  across age    groups.

Our research will look at how we can detect various medical conditions earlier, conduct precision assessment, restoration of ability by providing rehabilitation through a personalised approach.

The Assisted Ability focuse on development of  both medical and industrial assistive robot and human robot interaction algorithm to allow seamless colaboration between human and robot.


Our Vision

With an already burdened healthcare system and lack of human resources to care for patients requiring mobility aid and rehabilitation in a hospital setting, the aim is to help the elderly age in place, in their home or in community care where possible. This requires the availability of affordable assistive and rehabilitation technologies that can be used in the home without relying on additional human resources. There is also the need to predict and prevent or delay age- and movement-related health issues as people continue to age.


The Ability Research Group is committed to research projects designed to provide solutions rooted in robotic, AI and machine learning technologies.